Amber and Aaron

Amber and Aaron

The Fun We've Already Had...

  • Graham Tomas born July 31 at 5:04 P.M. weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz.
  • December 2, 2011: PREGNANT!!!
  • Paisley Kate arrived August 21 at 5:38 P.M. weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz
  • DUE DATE: August 25, 2010!!!
  • Dec. 14, 2009- PREGNANT!!!
  • Oct. 07,2009- Had elective D&C.
  • Sept 28, 2009- No embryo on ultrasound. :(
  • Sept 15th, 2009- We found out we're PREGNANT!!!
  • Sept '09- Aaron had varicocele repair.
  • July '09- IUI #1 with HCG shot= No such luck
  • April '09- Ovarian drilling surgery, followed by hospitalization for uterine infection
  • Jan-Mar '09- metformin + 3 rounds of clomid= no ovulation
  • Dec. 11, 2008- Hysterosalpingogram (Fancy word for shooting dye through the ovaries. OUCH)
  • Nov '08- Sent to RE. Tried metformin alone for two months (No ovulation)
  • Oct '08- Diagnosed with PCOS based on amenorrhea and crazy hormone levels.
  • June '08- Aaron convinced me to start trying.
  • June '04- Got Hitched!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

21 weeks: Someone's Getting BIG

21 weeks...

Gil and I are doing well. So well in fact, that I feel like I'm growing larger every single day. How big is this baby??? I have to admit I'm getting a little nervous that this little tyke is working on some kind of world record and I'm not sure how this is going to work out...

And more importantly, how long is this tank top going to work out? Finch totally called it when she asked how much longer I could wear the striped one and boy was she right. I busted right on out of that one. My new friend below might not stick around long either. :(

If this grosses anyone out, blame my cousin Catie. She requested 21-week belly pics and I can't stand to disappoint her! Tell me what you think- I'm getting some pretty kickin' curves about now, so I think I may be about ready to try out for Playboy. :)

If anyone wonders what the view is like from up here, this is it. My toes are barely peeking out from behind that belly. I can still paint them thank goodness, but soon it won't matter. I won't be able to see how ugly they look!
Congrats to Kate and Katie (fellow bloggers) on finding out that they're having baby boys!!!

This week has been by far my favorite since I started really feeling the baby move a lot. I feel it mostly in the evenings when I'm sitting down or lying on my back. Yea, yea... I know....I'm not supposed to lay on my back. But unless someone inserts spikes into my back to prevent me from rolling onto it at night, it's going to happen. I actually decided it would be easier to have a cardiologist relocate my blood vessels to the side so that I won't restrict blood flow!
I'm currently wedging myself between two body pillows and yet when I wake up, I've somehow maneuvered onto my back on top of one of the pillows and the other is now tangled up between my knees. But then I look at my nightstand and feel so joyful that my thermometer and charts are GONE that I don't even mind the trouble sleeping! Of course they're replaced by a doppler, ultrasound gel, and belly butter...


  1. AWWW...thanks for the congrats! You ARE getting big! Perhaps another little weenie growing???? I have the same issue sleeping, and am finding the body pillows a tad annoying!

  2. I love your bump!!!
    And I'm so glad you're feeling movement, it makes the day so happy.
    I haven't tried a body pillow yet...maybe I'll look into that.
    Keep the pics coming!! =)

  3. You look adorable!! Won't be long now till that belly button pops all the way out!!

    God bless the dopplers and belly butter! Your night stand sounds a lot like mine!

  4. You look great! congrats on your pregnancy!

  5. Hi Amber!! You look awesome! I know what you mean about sleeping on your back no matter what side position I try to stay in during the night I always find myself on my back in the morning. LOL Aren't the movements just wonderful! Our baby is moving all around especially when I am trying to sleep but I am learning to switch sides for her. So happy for you being 21 weeks I know August will be here before you know it!

  6. Your look absolutely gorgeous with your bump. Isn't the movement the best ever! I'm glad your doing good.

  7. I love the picture taken from your view. So funny. You'll have to redo that pic in another month or so when those toes are completely hidden.

  8. I think you look awesome... and I definately think you are going to have a big baby... my boss just had a 9lb baby girl...Glad to hear you guys are taking a little vacation... You definately deserve it..

  9. Thank you - for a number of things - but mostly for the picture of that blooming belly. Oh man, I can't wait to meet this little person. You look amazing Amber and you're actually making me miss being pregnant! (Never thought I'd say that!!) It's hard to believe my newborn is going to be ONE in 46 days.

  10. AWWW...such a beautiful bump. I love that you can't hardly see your toes, lol!

  11. Hey girl,
    Thanks for the comment. Actually, I'd have to find a person who has already had IVF and had leftover embryos that are currently frozen. So you couldn't donate for me even if you wanted. :( But thanks for thinking of me!

  12. Glad you're feeling Gil move a lot! Makes every little ache and pain worth it! Exciting news about your cruise! Hope to see you guys soon! Miss you!

  13. You look so great!! Way to have such a cute baby bump! The one with your toes sticking out made me laugh. =)

    I saw you're going on a cruise, too - SO awesome! I'm very jealous. I hope you enjoy your baby-moon!