Amber and Aaron

Amber and Aaron

The Fun We've Already Had...

  • Graham Tomas born July 31 at 5:04 P.M. weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz.
  • December 2, 2011: PREGNANT!!!
  • Paisley Kate arrived August 21 at 5:38 P.M. weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz
  • DUE DATE: August 25, 2010!!!
  • Dec. 14, 2009- PREGNANT!!!
  • Oct. 07,2009- Had elective D&C.
  • Sept 28, 2009- No embryo on ultrasound. :(
  • Sept 15th, 2009- We found out we're PREGNANT!!!
  • Sept '09- Aaron had varicocele repair.
  • July '09- IUI #1 with HCG shot= No such luck
  • April '09- Ovarian drilling surgery, followed by hospitalization for uterine infection
  • Jan-Mar '09- metformin + 3 rounds of clomid= no ovulation
  • Dec. 11, 2008- Hysterosalpingogram (Fancy word for shooting dye through the ovaries. OUCH)
  • Nov '08- Sent to RE. Tried metformin alone for two months (No ovulation)
  • Oct '08- Diagnosed with PCOS based on amenorrhea and crazy hormone levels.
  • June '08- Aaron convinced me to start trying.
  • June '04- Got Hitched!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Is there a pill for that?

Paisley has been in her big girl bed for about 3 weeks now and once she falls asleep, she sleeps through the night without any issues. The key is ONCE she manages to fall asleep. And this is becoming a big production.

I would say it was because of her switch from the crib but the last month or so in there was the same way. Lots of crying and overreacting and piddling around.

The child hates bedtime. No matter how busy we are during the day and how hard we try to wear her out, she can fight sleep like nobody I've ever seen. Her daddy said he's waiting on her to pull her first 72 hour stretch of no sleep. It will happen.

So one of us frequently lays down with her thinking it will help. She turns in 360 degree circles like a spinning top, rolls the full length of the twin bed, covers up and then uncovers about 150 times, puts her feet on her pillow and then my face and then my belly, snuggles up to me and then plays with my hair, talks in her sweet voice, gives Eskimo kisses, plays peek a boo, talks about our day and what she looks forward to the next day, asks where Graham is, asks to go pee-pee, requests water, requests milk, says her teeth are still dirty, kicks the wall, crawls off the end of the bed...

The list goes on for long enough to keep her in constant motion for two hours before I finally pass out. Not always sure when she goes to sleep because I'm fairly certain she outlasts me most nights. She's been in there for 90 minutes this afternoon "taking a nap", yet she is still talking and playing. Wow. She just never stops amazing me.


  1. Yes, it is called Tylenol PM, but it is frowned upon when you give it to small children!!!!

    I used to think Avery was a bad sleeper, but it sounds like she is put to shame by Paisley! I hope it gets easier soon~!

  2. Eek- this sounds horrible. Maybe just leave her in her room- will she scream if you aren't in there? No real advice but just know I feel for you!

  3. Yikes. Why do I foresee my Samantha doing this?? haha Sam is a horrible sleeper too! Don't poppy seeds make people sleepy? How about a poppy seed muffin before bed haha Nooo. That would be like drugging her or something :) Hmm wish I had a miracle suggestion! But I don't! :( It sounds like she just doesn't want to miss anything (like my Sam!) but I know it is soooo tough on a sleepy mom and day! Good luck friend :(

  4. Let me tell you about a little secret that has recently helped me:


    I give Cash 3 mL of this about 20 minutes before bed. It has helped immensely!! And it's ALL natural :)

    Happy sleeping :D

  5. OMG, I just read your last few posts - I am so close to where you are. Give me 6 months lol. Addy is climbing out of her crib (we took her stuffies out the third time so she couldn't climb them so I think she didn't like that consequence so she hasn't done it since) so she will probably be in a toddler bed WAY too soon for her! And she LOVES to pee on the potty but I REFUSE to potty train yet - like you said in your post on this, 100% diapers is SO much easier! Yep, I'm that lazy mom. Until she is ready to go in the bathroom, take off her clothes and go herself, I am not pushing it. It's worth the $40/month for diapers lol! Hang in there hun - Paisley is a smart cookie so she'll eventually get through this:).

  6. I have a marathon runner at night upon pedi suggestion he said try half dose of Tylenol for a few days and oddly she went down eaiser not the ideal but easier since that wasn't an option the psi suggested the melty melatonin from WalMart 3 mg we break in half seriously we give it to her a out 30 mins before bed and we try to not allow the physical hype and she sleeps so much better for warn thought she wakes very rested and ready to start her day unlike prior when she was so restless all night she was sluggish in the am. Eager to live every min of life this one im talking about...let me tell u

  7. How can their feet be on your face, in your back and kicking your stomach all at the same time? How many feet do these kids have? And how does a toddler manage to completely fill a king size bed?? We used to be able to get both of us, two dogs and three cats in there. Now we're lucky to get one adult in there with the toddler!