Amber and Aaron

Amber and Aaron

The Fun We've Already Had...

  • Graham Tomas born July 31 at 5:04 P.M. weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz.
  • December 2, 2011: PREGNANT!!!
  • Paisley Kate arrived August 21 at 5:38 P.M. weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz
  • DUE DATE: August 25, 2010!!!
  • Dec. 14, 2009- PREGNANT!!!
  • Oct. 07,2009- Had elective D&C.
  • Sept 28, 2009- No embryo on ultrasound. :(
  • Sept 15th, 2009- We found out we're PREGNANT!!!
  • Sept '09- Aaron had varicocele repair.
  • July '09- IUI #1 with HCG shot= No such luck
  • April '09- Ovarian drilling surgery, followed by hospitalization for uterine infection
  • Jan-Mar '09- metformin + 3 rounds of clomid= no ovulation
  • Dec. 11, 2008- Hysterosalpingogram (Fancy word for shooting dye through the ovaries. OUCH)
  • Nov '08- Sent to RE. Tried metformin alone for two months (No ovulation)
  • Oct '08- Diagnosed with PCOS based on amenorrhea and crazy hormone levels.
  • June '08- Aaron convinced me to start trying.
  • June '04- Got Hitched!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Doctor's visit

I went in for my 2-week checkup today. My fundal height is measuring right on 28 weeks, cervix is still nice and closed, and the heartbeat is in the 140's. But I still have this stupid vaginal discharge!!! So, we did some more cultures and we'll see what pops up. She thinks it may be from wearing a wet swimsuit and swimming so much on our trip. Very possible considering I spent 6 hours straight in the pool one day and almost as long in the ocean on other days.

Oh, and I didn't gain any weight in the past 2 weeks according to her chart, so she wants to make sure I'm eating okay, which I am eating a TON! I think it's because I had gained so much all at once on the trip. And I'm up 18 pounds total so it's a good weight gain this far.

I see the high-risk 2 weeks from today for my growth scan to see how much baby we've got cookin' in there and I also see OB again that week. Things are getting busy, but exciting!!! If only this infection would clear up...


  1. Wow, congrats on a great appointment! I've gotten infections from too much swimsuit wearing, so that could possibly be the ticket! I am sooooo jealous that you've only gained 18 pounds...and none in two weeks! I am packing them on daily it seems. I've heard (from friends) that moms of boys tend to gain more in maybe Gil is a Girl!!!

  2. Hopefully the can get you something to clear up that mess down there - sounds like no fun at all.
    You're right - you probably gained weight on your trip which you would have lost had you not been pregnant, but since you are, you're just evening out.
    He/she is going to be here so soon!!!

  3. Glad everything is going so well. Hope they get the "down yonder" issue fixed soon! Can't wait to hear how much baby you've got going on in there!!

  4. I'm glad things are ok. But hopefully the yuck that's going on will quit.