Amber and Aaron

Amber and Aaron

The Fun We've Already Had...

  • Graham Tomas born July 31 at 5:04 P.M. weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz.
  • December 2, 2011: PREGNANT!!!
  • Paisley Kate arrived August 21 at 5:38 P.M. weighing 7 lbs, 9 oz
  • DUE DATE: August 25, 2010!!!
  • Dec. 14, 2009- PREGNANT!!!
  • Oct. 07,2009- Had elective D&C.
  • Sept 28, 2009- No embryo on ultrasound. :(
  • Sept 15th, 2009- We found out we're PREGNANT!!!
  • Sept '09- Aaron had varicocele repair.
  • July '09- IUI #1 with HCG shot= No such luck
  • April '09- Ovarian drilling surgery, followed by hospitalization for uterine infection
  • Jan-Mar '09- metformin + 3 rounds of clomid= no ovulation
  • Dec. 11, 2008- Hysterosalpingogram (Fancy word for shooting dye through the ovaries. OUCH)
  • Nov '08- Sent to RE. Tried metformin alone for two months (No ovulation)
  • Oct '08- Diagnosed with PCOS based on amenorrhea and crazy hormone levels.
  • June '08- Aaron convinced me to start trying.
  • June '04- Got Hitched!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Neighbors are SOOO classy!!!

I really don't like to brag about why our neighborhood is so much better than your neighborhood (as if you don't already know), but I'm gonna have to. Check out what a good garage sale on the south side looks like: There was literally crap all over the driveway and the front lawn. There is also a pick-up truck sitting in front of the house that had the entire bed loaded with stuff that was for sale. Even the truck was for sale. I know you can't see details, but there are about 1,000 stuffed animals, 20 bicycles, 15 tires, and a HUGE assortment of other junk in this yard. Nothing had a price tag or any trace of organization to it. The pictures don't even show the full extent of the madness, my friends.

Best part of the story: I decide I'll take some pictures of it while driving by on my way home (it's right down the street from me). Well, instead of being subtle and not drawing more attention to myself as I'm driving down the street taking pictures, I run over a neighbor's trash can. There it is lying in the street, a helpless victim of my wreckless driving. And in the distance, you can see the most awesome garage sale ever!!!
Well, I'm 4 days post IUI now, so we've still got a long wait ahead of us. Hope you all are more patient than me. I'm certainly not feeling very pregnant. Maybe a little chubby from eating so much at Chili's... And my boobs are certainly no bigger. My 'tude is still there, but what's new. :)

For those of you wondering, my cousin's little baby did great with her heart surgery today. She has a long, tough recovery ahead of her, but at least the worst part is over. I'll keep you all posted on that too. I have one more picture for the road: this is my mom taking a dip in her swimming hole (aka: fish pond). I bet you're all calling a realtor to look for a house by us!!!


  1. Amber - I don't think you feel pregnant 4 days post insemination so no worries! I didn't feel at all pregnant the month we conceived. I had implant bleeding and wrote it off as the spotting I'd been having prior to my period. Then it quit & I had a very strong craving for pasta salad and cried at an episode of House the day I was supposed to start. So I decided I better take a test & it turned out positive. Boy was Adam surprised because we'd already wrote it off for another month because of the spotting. I know it will be impossible but try not to analyze everything you feel to determine if its a sign of pregnancy - you really won't notice anything until implantation which only occurs a few days before your period. Hang in there!! Andrea Arbuckle

  2. That was a hilarious story! I am still laughing! And yes, I definitely want to live in your neighborhood, RIGHT NEXT to your classy neighbors! I am 8 dpo (9dpiui), and I don't "feel pregnant" yet either...but I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is OUR month! Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. Tell your mom that I'm glad that at least she's not too snobby for your neighborhood and chooses to just fit in by swimming in the fish pond. I mean really...who needs a pool?

  4. bwahahaha you're too funny!!! lol on the driveby photography! so sad about the trash can casualty! :) Love the family "swimming hole." heehee I think I got ya beat - my mom brought my nephews over the other day but forgot their swim trunks. She had them running around the back yard buck naked! I really hope the neighbors didn't see over the fence ...

  5. You received an award from me, check out my blog! :)

  6. You're welcome! I really do love your blog and glad that you're my blogger friend! Your kind words meant so much to me during Sarah's death and my BFN! I wish we could have met on different terms...but glad we are able to be here for one another.